LauraLaura is a product photography and styling duo brought to you by Laura Hutchinson and Laura North. They have worked with both new and established brands throughout the UK including Katie Leamon, Cedar Lifestyle and Grass & Air to Vic Wright, and Carla Murdoch.

Photographer, Laura Hutchinson brings sensitive, considered and measured talent to the table.  Her approach produces beautifully lit and composed imagery where your product looks it’s very natural best.  

Laura North is an interiors stylist and art director who’s adept at guiding clients seamlessly through the shoot process, has a deep rooted devotion to colour and who’s known for her ability to compose shots that are balanced, pared back and creative.

Laura and Laura revel in working together  "to be frank, shoots are never more fun and fulfilling.  We love to adapt, bend and shape our style to make sure that whoever we are shooting for gets a completely bespoke set of images.   And because we are two professional women working in the creative industry, we also bring empathy, friendliness and kindness to each clients’ shoot experience.”


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